Kicking on? What went wrong this year?

Almost twelve months ago Grigor Dimitrov and David Goffin had the tournament of their lives. Both wow’d us in London with sinsinlating tennis something which we were expecting to kick on from this year but it’s gone down like a led balloon but why is that?

Finalists at the O2 last year and with ruling out some miracle neither player will be there this year.

Both players have picked up around 1700 points this year which isn’t good enough. Once their London points drop off as well when the tournament begins and depending on how they get on for the rest of the season.

Dimitrov could fall to at least 12 in the world when he was No.3 almost 12 months ago and Goffin could fall to around 20.

The Belgian has however all but called time on his season due to an elbow condition. He does not have the best luck at all with injuries. Just over 12 months ago he had that horror fall in the court covering at the back of the courts at Roland Garros which badly injured his ankle and earlier on this year against Dimitrov he had that freak injury where he rebounded a Dimitrov shot off his own racket and into his eye forcing him to retire and miss a few weeks of tennis.

Dimitrov however has lacked belief, consistency and ideas. A man who’s presence on the court was infectious 12 months ago strolling about like the king has not looked confident. This is something I have witnessed and covered throughout the season and the reason I’ve been so vocal about it is because of how highly I rate him. I have said I think new ideas are needed whether that is by him looking elsewhere or changing parts of his game as this all started off for me back in Dubai when he played Federer in the final and he took him apart and that to me should have been a wake-up to his team not long after that win in London that things needs to be fresh as when you win big you are the man to beat.

Dimitrov may be ranked at No.4 but Rotterdam showed us his second serve needs big improvement

Dimitrov said after a win not long ago ‘Hope dies last’ but how long?

David Goffin did have a stage where he was impressive especially on the clay. The injuries have meant he cannot find any momentum which is his main issue this season.

It has at times been impressive but also had a feeling of survival to it rather than conviction.

I think it is a shame what’s happened this season to both but there is plenty of work to be done next season and maybe right now January should be the main priority.


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