Best performance since Rome? Eli Svitolina asks all the right questions in stunning win!

A performance to top her year. A year I would have called disappointing coming into the finals here in Singapore.

This performance was exceptional, she asked all the right questions and thoroughly deserved her win.

In the title of the piece I said that she asked all the right questions and I was impressed with the stance she took on Petra’s serve. She wasn’t afraid and went for it. Her body language and attitude was exceptional from start to finish!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 20.04.02

Image Credit – BT Sport / WTA

To get Petra in this position on the court on the third shot of her serve is impressive. The way she returned the serve and the aggression being the backhand gave her a pounce we haven’t seen in her game for so long.

Petra in this position is a problem for her. You can see via the red arrow there is only one avenue for the backhand now and look at Eli on the other side; spring in her step, feet off the ground and ready to react.

Keeping options open is something she’s struggled with and making her opponent work. Petra’s approaching forehand and approach to the net was very good but no-one could fault this backhand from Eli.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 20.05.40

Image Credit – BT Sport / WTA

The backhand was so good it pulled Petra out of position and what was meant to be an easy shot turned out to be difficult and Eli ended up winning the point.

This play was the blue-print of the match for the Ukrainian number one.

The performance on a whole asked all the right questions and before today her last top 10 win was against Halep in Rome. Next up for Eli is Pliskova on Tuesday.


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