Stefanos Tsitsipas – One handed ‘Hollywood’ backhand, forehand trajectory, head strong and no fear!

Born in one of the World’s oldest cities in Athens, Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the tours most exciting youngsters.

Stefanos has stolen the imagination of fans throughout the world with his relaxed, effective but head strong style of tennis.

So, let’s have a look!

One handed backhand

The one handed backhand of Stefanos is his ‘Hollywood’ shot we will call it. Here we can see it in action against Djokovic and it’s one of them shots which can be effective anywhere around the baseline.

tsit bh

Image Credit – Sky Sports

The middle one is where we are at. Centre of the court and he can just swing cross court, he could go down the line and no matter where he is stood on the baseline he has the skill to send it cross court or down the line as I have shown.

The reason I called it a Hollywood backhand is because it’s explosive and is brutal but under pressure it can crumble.

Nadal in the final played perfect against the backhand. The winners went down and the errors up as he continued to send traffic down to the backhand of Stefanos with topspin and a deep bounce on the court meaning he couldn’t flatten it out nullifying that shot.

Forehand trajectory 

The forehand is safe and builds points. It can be as effective as the backhand but is a smart shot.

We see it at it’s best if the ball bounces short and if Stefanos fancies a run around the backhand to either wrap it down the line or cross court with height and trajectory giving it a deep first bounce making it impossible for his opponent to gain interest.

IMG_0384 copy

Image Credit – Sky Sports

It is at it’s best when he is backed into a corner. That option to run around is fantastic for him as he can look at where his opponent is and can work it cross court or smash down the line.

Head strong and No fear!

Stefanos has shown signs of frustration on the court, who cares? Even Federer in Cincinnati final showed big frustration.

For me, I’ve always said it shows you care and you expect better.

Stefanos seems to have his head strong and plays with no fear. What he did in Toronto was exceptional. The level of tennis was superb but the mental levels he showed against these top players even down a set or a break or close to defeat he never gave up and that is a big credit to him!



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