Denis Shapovalov – Intensity, Being Ambidextrous, Flair!

Denis Shapovalov is one of the tours most exciting prospects.

Since he burst onto the scene he has continued to have an impact on the tour most famous that win against Rafael Nadal on his home turf in Montreal last year winning the epic three set battle with the Spaniard.

Denis brings something to the court that we don’t see much of at all and that is his ability to be ambidextrous.

shap amb.png

Image Credit – Sky Sports

His explosive game play with this touch around the court does make him a very dangerous player but what a player to watch.

His personality matched with the way he plays and bounces around the court is just infectious and difficult to stop when he gets on a roll.

Shapavolov who is now 19 and ranked at 29 in the world was due to play at the Next Gen ATP Finals where he is one of the poster boys for the event but has withdrawn due to exhaustion.

I think it is a shame but maybe it shows that one appearance at Next Gen is enough for players?

With his game I do think it is great to watch but maybe will need to develop a more constructive way of playing as it can be a bit flashy or just rash which is something that will need improving.

What I want to see in 2019 is a deep run somewhere, his season has lacked any wow moments but when he plays the intensity level is always there and maybe sometimes a bit intense which is odd for someone who plays with such flair to be so tight.


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