Is Radwanska about to call it a day?

The worst thing about this time of the year is that changes happen on the tour.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but it is looking and sounding like Agnieszka Radwanska could retire before the end of the year.

The Pole has been one of the tours great entertainers over the year, no one produces magic quite like the former Wimbledon finalist who has fought so hard in her career and has always been in that bracket of could win a major but it never happened for her but no matter where she played she drew a crowd.

When I first got into tennis if Aga was on I’d be watching, I love watching what she does on a court. The thought process and execution of shots is something many could only dream about but she pulled them off and it is right to say she wasn’t a player just producing party tricks for the sake of it but it’s because it was what she needed to compete. She isn’t the tallest and doesn’t have that big power but she still competed showing us all there are more ways to play.

This foot injury does just seem to be one that won’t heal or go away no matter what she does. She is down at 74 in the world and has just played 28 matches this year (14/14 win/loss) and was an issue last year having to withdraw from tournaments and has only won three matches on the bounce twice since the beginning of last year and that was in Eastbourne on both occasions.

There has been no official word yet but all speculation and story surrounding what can be done which is very little suggests retirement is the most likely option.


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