No.22 to No.1 in 4 months – A truly remarkable achievement

Novak Djokovic has achieved something which hasn’t been done since 2000.

Only once (Safin in 2000) come from being ranked outside the top 20 in the world and made it to number one but now Novak has done this as well!

It is a celebration of his quite incredible year.

Novak returned to the tour too early following injury and then that loss at Roland Garros to Cecchinato was something completely unexpected.

That press conference in that side room of Roland Garros got everyone talking about where Novak was at, no one then expected him to go on and do what he has done and that deserves the highest credit possible.

Won 31 out of last 33 matches.

20 match winning streak

Wimbledon, US Open, Cincinnati (golden Masters) & Shanghai titles.

The achievement of getting back to world number one in time for London is quite spectacular when in early June he was ranked at 22 in the world. This level is unmatched by anyone else right now.


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