Next Gen finals could be big but it has an out of control school trip feel about it…

The Next Gen Finals could be massive but right now it has the feeling of an out of control school trip to it.

Following last year’s shambles of a opening ceremony it struggled to recover. The change of rules is interesting but for people who watch tennis year around it is dis-engaging.

I like the look of the court but shorter sets just doesn’t do it for many. It’s boring, where is the intensity and battle?

I get they are trying to engage with a younger audience but the game isn’t the problem if kids can’t keep their attention span to something two hours long.

This is billed as a big tournament but it feels like a joke, points and prize money is on offer but has an exhibition feeling to it. Honestly it feels like that tournament at the end of the year that you want out of the way. It needs to be billed and performed as a ‘serious tournament’

Denis Shapovalov withdrew with ‘exhaustion’ I imagine he could have played but to what benefit?

To be named as Next Gen champion but maybe a greater prize or points on offer?

It is exciting with top talents like Tsitsipas, De Minaur and Tiafoe here this week in Milan but I think it is hindering it’s credibility for one big reason.

Next week we have the ATP World Tour Finals in London. It’s big, massive, billed as a major event. The intensity is there in the setting, no rule changes but thousands tune in so is there a problem?

The players are focused, (ok, they may take a selfie) their camps are set for a big week of tennis which ends their respective season and still feels like a lot to play for.

Next Gen just does feel like that out of control school trip lead by a supply teacher. It is lacking all aspect as the ATP World Tour Finals which is why I think it is not as engaging as the main tour finals. I only watched it last year when I couldn’t find anything else to watch and I love tennis so this odd.

I think it needs to go back to its roots. I like some of the changes with the shot clock and the no let but let’s take it back to it’s roots and make the tournament more credible and less ‘school trip’


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