Tsitsipas 4-3 4-3 4-2 Tiafoe – Too much “swag” and not enough steel from the American

Stefanos Tsitsipas is safely through to the semi-finals of the Next Gen Finals.

The Greek star ranked at 15 didn’t really have to break much of a sweat on his route to victory against Frances Tiafoe who did but didn’t put up a challenge.

This was a weird match. It had the feeling especially from Tiafoe of a good performance but also a bad one.

Early on we saw him go big with the forehand and hit some good winners hitting more throughout the match but the errors crept in as well and 12 forehand winners and 8 unforced errors showed that.

There was a moment in the match during the first set where Tiafoe hit a stunning backhand down the line and his reaction was just a bit much. It was cocky and using his ‘swag’ but for me it had no substance and it made me feel like I couldn’t take him serious and he was just there for the show.

Following the second set he had a chat with his coach on the microphone and he told him to keep his ‘swag’ and I thought to myself well this is the problem. He couldn’t understand how he was two sets down playing this way but just look at Tsitsipas.

Stefanos played with ‘swag’ if you’d like to call it that (by the way I hate that word) but he backed it up. He hit some stunning backhands with incredible spin but what did he do? He turned away, back to the service line and went again. The only time he celebrated? Winning a set, breaking serve and winning the match.

Mid-game celebrations are good to see and bring a fun and entertaining atmosphere but it can fall flat and it did for Tiafoe.


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