Nishikori 7-6 6-3 Federer – Kei turns it on as Roger falls flat!

Kei Nishikori who had to fight hard to get to London with a good second half of the season got his ATP World Tour Finals campaign off to a perfect start with a straight set win against Roger Federer.

This was a career first for Federer who lost in straight sets in the round-robin for the first time in his 45 previous matches which is some record.

The first set between the two was just scrappy, the errors were just ridiculous! It felt like more balls were being missed than landing in from both players which was just mad.

Once the tie-break came it did set the theme for the remainder of the match and there were points during the match which outlined what we saw from both.

Federer just couldn’t get on the Kei second serve. Time and time again we saw this from Federer;

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 21.00.25

Image Credit – Sky Sports / ATP

Running around the backhand was the correct idea but time and time again he continued to over cook it. Kei at one point did hit a stunning winner on the back of it but Federer got in the position but the execution was totally off and 36 unforced errors and 24 ‘forced’ errors emphasised a flat performance from Roger.

On the other note it was a great result for Kei following a flat start he soon started to stroll about the court with intent and that extra gameplay with the implementation of more serve and volley is really helping him!


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