Alex De Minaur – ‘Oh Yeah!’, Movement, Variety & Newcomer of the Year

Two words kicked off the tennis season for me.

The shout of ‘OH YEAH” by Alex De Minaur against Milos Raonic after hitting a forehand return down the line winner and this hit me and I just loved watching him play and have done all season.

This shout of ‘OH YEAH’ what does it tell me?

Passion, belief and confidence.

I came away from that match thinking, I need to see more of this. I kept an eye on the schedule of play and would set alarms so I was awake to see his matches against Mmoh, Verdasco, Paire and Medvedev and the tennis was explosive.

For anyone to from 208 in January to 31 in November on the rankings is quite an achievement but for a teenager to do it on their first year on the tour is quite something.

The way Alex plays tennis is just mesmorizing.

The way he injects his personality onto the way he plays is what I believe makes him great to watch.

He bounces around the court and believes in what he is doing even in tough circumstances.

I like the way he can mix up his serve and we saw it a long while back v Raonic whether it was that big serve or even that kick out-wide.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 15.18.32

Image Credit – ATP / Brisbane International

95mph kick out-wide, just takes Raonic so far off the baseline he can make contact but there is no chance of gaining interest on this serve.

His groundstrokes are equally as good in the way he mixes it up strong off both the backhand and the forehand he isn’t really a player you can target with ease as he has it in him to play stunning shots.

I like the forehand of his, it is quite explosive and I like the way he follows it around the court as once he lets rip on it there is only usually one winner.

This one from the Next Gen Finals is something else…

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 15.32.06

Image Credit – ATP

The final part of his game?

The movement.

My god, he is a good mover!

The court coverage of this man is quite something the speed is up their with the best and one day he will be considered the best in my opinion.

One of my friends once said to me they hate the noise of the footwork of players on a hard court and for me it’s always been a noise to learn from being it grabs your attention. You never stand still but when you watch these guys and girls move around the court movement is a massive part of the game.

We can talk about backhands, forehands and analyse serves all day long but movement is massive. We have been lucky to see one of the best movers the game has ever seen in Novak Djokovic and watching him I believe has changed the way people look at movement being a key skill.

When I first watched Alex play in Brisbane and Sydney this spoke volumes to me, just look at these screenshots.


The way he adjusts his body and feet is something special.

It has been a phenomenal year topped off by winning the ATP Newcomer of the Year at the O2 in London during the World Tour Finals.

I’m off to Melbourne in January for the Australian Open and it will be great to see Alex there in front of a home crowd!

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