Sascha’s best week yet, however it would be unfair to say he ‘must’ win a major in 2019!

Sascha Zverev has had his biggest day in his tennis career.

Following a routine rout by Novak Djokovic earlier on in the week the German spoke about how he’d been tired for the last two months and that the calendar was too long. Fast forward a few days he see’s off Isner, Federer and Djokovic in straight sets to win the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

This was a major surprise, following his comments after his defeat to Novak he sounded defeated but it had the noise of a frustrated player rather than someone who was believing what he was saying.

During this week we have seen both sides to Sascha, the side where he either plays mediocre tennis or the other side where he blows you off the court.

The way he conducted himself in his performances against Federer and Djokovic was truly fantastic.

On the baseline he wasn’t troubled much at all and was moving around freely on the baseline without being troubled too much. He used his forehand to give him time and go for the big winner and also used it to give him some more time around the court. The backhand was put to good use as well to keep momentum in rallies and then try and hit that killer shot as well.

There seems to be now pressure on Zverev to win a major next year. Should there be? He is only 21 and there is no-one on the tour right now aged under 30 with one to their name.

The pressure was so ramped up on Zverev this year as he never made it to a major QF until Roland Garros this year but it is unfair to now say he needs to win a major next year. He is 21 for god sake!

I do get the extra pressure and speculation on him and what he should be contending for but saying he needs to win a major in 2019 is not fair. Going from winning an event at the O2 in three sets to winning a two week longer major in best of 5 is a different job in itself and the fact he hasn’t been to a semi-final or experienced a final yet shows there is still many more learning experiences ahead.

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