Vika excited for Melbourne following two year absence

Victoria Azarenka will be back in Melbourne in January. The two time former Australian Open champion has missed the last two opens due to being pregnant and this custody battle from last year which prevented her from travelling outside of California to play tennis without her son Leo.

Vika has been very vocal on social media over the last few weeks as she begins her pre-season training and does seem very focused and determined for the upcoming season.

I think it is fair to say that the 2018 season was not really one to look on with many highlights. Of course having Vika back on the tour is good to begin with but there wan’t much momentum built throughout the season and that is something she will want to build on.

Vika has been around for so long and has that big game experience and with a little bit more consistency I do hope we see her back to her best next year.

Following the ending of the partnership between Wim Fisette and Angie Kerber before the WTA Finals a month or so back there has been no announcement of Wim rejoining the Vika camp but has been pictured many times training alongside Vika at the IMG Academy and it does look like they are back together.

Wim was part of the team from February 2015 until 2016 when she announced her pregnancy and he moved on during this stage of her life.

It is interesting to see what happens now. Wim always brings ideas to the court and how he helped Angie Kerber this year get back to the top after a torrid 2017 was spectacular which makes the split a little confusion.

va sw

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