De Minaur wins Sydney ahead of the Australian Open

The rise of Alex De Minaur has been something quite extraordinary.

I have followed his game since Brisbane last year and the journey to this stage has been amazing. 12 months ago Alex was ranked outside the top 200 now he is number 29 in the world and has just picked up his first ATP title.

He went from wildcard in the main draw at last year’s tournament to one of the 32 seeds.

That is madness.

His movement is something I don’t think we have ever seen before on a tennis court.

I love watching the way Novak Djokovic moves around the tennis court and I genuinely believe this young man could top this one day.

He has taken it to another level already.

His game is still building and has got stronger over the last 12 months. He is quite explosive when he plays that backhand but likes to use the forehand to guide his way around the court but also in true Australian style he has that WOW factor.

He has always given a good account of himself and has never given up. He’s had some tough defeats as well but has responded well to them. The one that sticks to mind is from two sets up against Cilic in New York last year and losing.

So far this season I’d say we’ve seen more solid performances and I remember watching his performance against Tsonga in Brisbane and he lost 6-4 7-6 but didn’t play bad or do much wrong at all.

All eyes of Australia will be on Alex as he now jets off to be on site to Melbourne for Monday.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 21.01.03

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