A humble champion who is here to stay!

They say that some of the biggest tests in this sport come against the best players, they aren’t wrong. However the biggest test can sometimes be against yourself. How do you deal with having your hands on something and almost losing it?

Naomi Osaka found herself on championship point on three occasions at what seemed like being the end of the second set and the end of the match. Petra Kvitova recovered, the Czech number one took the set and the tennis world was stunned.

The now world number one went off court and came back and to her credit completely re-grouped where as many would have fallen. She was obviously frustrated but at no point did she let that hinder her tennis in the final set and once she got that break she didn’t let go.

Naomi throughout her stay in Melbourne was so humble and honest on how she felt during matches and in press/on court interviews.

Her game stood strong whether she was pulling off stunning backhands or spraying the forehand but her personality also stood strong on the court.

Now a holder of two major titles the eyes of the world will be on her now as she has cemented her name as one of the best players on the tour. Her consistency matched with her attitude have propelled her from 72 to 1 in 12 months and this is no fluke at all!

You could tell Naomi was in a state of shock following her win but that just emphasises her humble personality and if anything has made tennis more engaging to fans as she is a girl living a dream.

I do think she will become a force to reckon with. She is by far the finished article and as in any career there will be hiccups. Last year following her win Indian Wells we did see her breakdown in Press following her loss in Charleston saying she felt depressed and if anything her honesty is what has made her such a fan favourite as people can connect.

I’m excited to see what happens now. The next big stops will be defending Indian Wells and then Miami and questions will then be asked on if she can do it on clay?


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