Who has work to do following an early Melbourne departure?

The first major of the year is always a time to reflect on what has happened, who could improve and who has started in fine form, but who has work to do following the first major of 2019?

Alex Zverev

The most memorable thing Alex did at the tournament was smash his racket. His win at London in the ATP Tour Finals comes now with added pressure but he hasn’t started the season well.

Alex has Ivan Lendl around him helping him out but I haven’t seen much in his game which I felt against Milos Raonic lacked any thought or variety in what ended up being a flat tournament for the German No.1 who were still waiting to make a big run at a major.

Caroline Wozniacki

I watched Wozniacki go out.

If I had to use a selection of words to describe her performance it would be; flat, uninspiring and lacking imagination.

Despite the wealth of experience she has on the tour this was a first for the Dan defending a Grand Slam title and she will be hoping her season most certainly kicks on from here.

Sloane Stephens

Funny old start to the season for Sloane. Of course there is this temporary split with coach Murray but her performances have not been there.

This however is something which isn’t new to us. I’ve watched a lot of Sloane and performances can go from one extreme to the other very quickly with little consistency.

You can have her as a contender for the major or a round one exit. The tennis she plays is at times exceptional hitting from the baseline but when it is off, it is off.

I do expect the season to get better for her. She is too good of a player to not and this is only the first month of the year.



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