Gerard Pique out to prove critics wrong but admits he ‘prays’ the best will be fit enough and not tired to play

Gerard Pique has a battle on his hands.

Roger Federer has already called in the Pique Cup as of others and the Barcelona defender has said at the Davis Cup draw he hates that name. Lleyton Hewitt has criticised Pique’s involvement in the sport and the changes made. Berdych and Zverev have also been critical of the new format and despite helping his country progress to the finals Alex Zverev has said he will not be there.

Now the sweat is on.

Pique in an interview following the draw in Madrid said that he understands players will be tired at that stage of the season but has said he prays they will be fit.

Right now organisers will be counting their lucky stars as it possible Nadal, Djokovic and Del Potro could play with their countries being there in Madrid.

Neither player took part in qualifying (Del Potro was injured) and I would personally not expect either player to take part following what is always a crowded end of season on the ATP tour.

This is a conversation that will continue to roll throughout the season until the finals in Madrid begin.

There have already been talks as well about moving the tournament in 2021 to Indian Wells but playing there in November would be ridiculous so the conversation has turned to April but that would step on the toes of Monte-Carlo/Barcelona.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.10.42

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