Standing up for what is right, no one does it better than Serena

4 years ago Serena Williams returned to Indian Wells following a 14 year hiatus from the Californian Desert.

Back in 2001 minutes before her semi-final Venus Williams withdrew from her match with sister Serena. The next day Serena defeated Kim Clijsters in the final in three sets and was booed throughout the whole match. Her dad Richard and Venus were in the crowd and were booed with racist taunts aimed towards them.

They said they would never return to Indian Wells.

In 2015 Serena returned, sister Venus returned in 2016 and last year the two met in what was a win not only for tennis but equality.

Standing for what is right is what these ladies do better than anyone.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 20.09.31

The emotion of her return and cheers she got from the crowd was magnificent and it showed how strong she is and she stood up for what is right and no one does it better than Serena Williams.

I think the word ‘inspiration’ and ‘role model’ gets thrown around way too much but Serena is completely different. She makes a difference to people and how people think and her return to Indian Wells four years ago was just a beautiful moment. The strength she showed and the message that walk-out onto court sent out is something I will never forget and it shouldn’t be forgotten.

One word to finish on;



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