Philip Kohlschreiber; underrated, skilful and a real pain!

Philip Kohlschreiber is one talented tennis player.

You may see in my headline he’s a pain and he is, but he’s a good one.

He’s a player where you know what you’re going to get but halting is a problem for many. He’s caused upsets and produced some stunning tennis during his career which goes underrated.

H’es never really done it at majors except for Wimbledon in 2012 making the quarter finals and last year was his best Masters 1000 year with 10 wins and 6 defeats. He’s never contended but he’s that name in a draw you don’t want to see next to you.

Victory against Djokovic was his first against the current world number one despite previous wins against Andy and Rafa and his 25th career top 10 win. Quite remarkably as well in his last 10 wins against top 10 ranked players he has won 28 sets of tennis and lost 3, that’s a man with a plan.

I’ve watched him against Andy before and I’d sit there and think to myself ‘for god sake, were in a for long one’ but it’s a compliment. I like seeing players with a different style and I don’t think I’ve ever been as stressed as when these two played each other in Dubai with those match points. It made me feel sick.

Kohlschreiber is known for his big forward and the top spin / movement he can get on it is incredible as well as the angles he can create. Of course the other shot you cannot forget is the backhand as well, that one handed shot is lethal and it’s so good to see a player be effective off both wings.

Add that in with an effective swinging serve and a delicate touch around the court we don’t see much of this play from the rising stars on the tour with a lot focused on power but his game is greatly underrated and despite being a pain at times he is still a super talented tennis player!

Next up for Philip is Monfils and that should be spectacular!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 15.46.16


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