“No further comment” ATP Players Board Representatives release bizarre and answerless statement

Forgive me, but the statement released by the ATP’s Players Board Representatives is a load of a waffle.

Men’s tennis has been thrown into big debate following what has happened these past weeks so I will summarise;

  • Chris Kermode’s (President) contract will not be renewed
  • Novak Djokovic (President of Player Council) has led this motion
  • Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have expressed their annoyance at not being consulted by Novak
  • Justin Gimelstob who is currently involved with an ongoing battery charge was able to vote on Chris’ future
  • No official reason has been given as to why they decided against renewing Chris’ contract
  • Justin Gimelstob who voted against with the other two members is favourite to take over

The ATP Players Rep board have reacted and their PR team must be going made at the waffle they have published;

These are some of the bigs I picked out…

“It is worth adding at this point that we have heard in recent days that some of our greatest icons are interested in re-entering the political conversations and helping us and the Council guide the next phase of this sports growth”

Who would they be possibly talking about 😉 ?

“To be clear, this was not a decision (non-renewal of Chris’ contract) made of driven by one or two individuals’ personal beliefs or agendas.”

Anyone believe that?

I mean, come on… who are you kidding?

They failed to give an actual reason not to renew Chris’ contract and that’s what makes no sense.

He brought innovation with Next Gen, increased prize money, increased the commerical side and boosted the image of the game so to lose Chris seems odd when he has done more than anyone.

I suppose we will see what happens even though I think we all know…

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