British Tennis; Rebrand of LTA, What is their new vision? Have they failed to build on Murray’s legacy?

Building on the success and capitalising on the effect Jamie, Andy and Judy Murray have had on British Tennis was a must and I think it is fair to say it hasn’t happened and that is a massive failure.

Under 24 hours ago I got a notification on Facebook saying they had changed their Facebook name from British Tennis to LTA – Tennis For Everyone.

Andy Murray was vocal in January and said he feels the LTA have failed to capitalise on his legacy and achievements. All we got was a tour of the Davis Cup trophy…

LTA alongside this name changed released a 36 page document outlining their vision for 2019-2023 but it all seemed a bit wordy.

Best bit? Not one mention or picture of Andy or Jamie, bizarre!

Alongside their Facebook update their Twitter handle has changed from @BritishTennis to @the_LTA and this video is pinned to the page;

Where is Andy or previous Davis Cup/Fed Cup success in this video? I don’t get it.

This for me is the same route we went as a country after the 2012 Olympics. We kept banging on about ‘inspire a generation’ and it was just words. I was at the Olympic venue not long ago and it looks sad.

This is the issue in sport;

We want success, when we see success we want more (and quite right to, why else do we follow the sport if we don’t love it) but to get more you either have to go big or go home and for me there has been a major failure to capitalise on Murray’s success.

What do we want the LTA to do?

A hashtag is great but what do we want #TennisForBritain

  • Easier access to courts – pricing near me is a lot
  • Cheaper coaching qualifications
  • More involvement in schools – we had 2 weeks of tennis every 12 months when I was 15, that was it
  • Fun!
  • Platform / Social area for people to meet and play singles, doubles, competition

There is soo much they can and should have done, it’s never too late to strive for better but they had the stepping stone in place.


This is the picture which should inspire. I remember the words; Mark Petchy said on Sky Sports “History is made at the US Open” and I will never forget it.



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