Moves like Roger, but will it be enough on clay?

No one moved better than Roger Federer in Miami and no one played better than Roger Federer in Miami, he even was very impressive at Indian Wells before falling to Dominic Thiem but what does March success mean for Roger on the clay?

There is a month until Roger’s first clay court tournament which is set to be the Mutua Madrid Open.

The last time Roger played on the clay was in 2016 in Rome when he fell in two sets to Dominic Thiem in the third round so it will be way over 1000 days since he competed on the surface.

The reason Roger hasn’t been playing on the clay for a while is because of pain and his back but says he has been pain free for a while and many are saying this could be a farewell but I’m not sure.

The courts in Miami are very slow and this suited Federer and I think it is naive to make that comparison with Federer playing in Miami and on clay which is also a slow surface but I don’t think that is the case completely.

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 13.39.10

Image Credit – ATP

I’ve chosen this still from Miami, now this is a good get and he goes onto win the point but what we will need to see on the clay is more a slide as you cannot just stop your body at this point.

Not playing on clay for a few years and then returning is tough and just because he has had a successful few weeks in the states I’m not saying he won’t produce on the clay but I do think there are plenty of players who will be better prepared for the surface.

I personally doubt whether we will see a level of Roger on the clay like we did on the hard courts. The difference from hard to clay is massive and Roger at the moment is only down to play in Madrid and Roland Garros with nothing on Rome or Monte Carlo.


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