Caroline Wozniacki; Forehand variety, leaning, aggression & time!

Caroline Wozniacki has never been a big clay court player but in her runners up speech in Charleston she said she’s been looking at ways of improving and also with Francesca Schiavone in her camp for the week it showed her intent to do better on the dirt.

One of the aspects of her game which was noticeable and caused issues for her opponents was the forehand and the variety of shots she got from it.

Caro FH

Image Credit – WTA / BT Sport

I have pulled together quite a few forehands from Caro in her match against Sakkari who you can just see playing a game of ‘stuck in the mud’ as she can’t commit to either side of the court.

Inside-out forehand is a shot she gets to by grinding down defences and the others are due to the time she has to push her forehand and chose her shot well. You may have seen I have highlight on in blue and it was that ‘moon ball’ forehand which she used so well during the week, dropping the ball deep and Wozniacki defends as well as anyone so picking up the return won’t be tough.

As well as the forehand shot but the body position, so let’s take away the arrows and bring in the body position;

Caro lean

Image Credit – WTA / BT Sport

All have something in common. Caro is leaning into the forehand generating power and all her pressure is on the right side with her left foot up off the ground.

How does she get to this?


However, the question is and despite the run to the final the question still stands on how can Wozniacki be more aggressive and get the reward?

Against Madison Keys the flaws were on show, she couldn’t play this style of tennis and it’s a bigger picture than saying it’s a clay court and she isn’t keen on clay.

Wozniacki winning in Melbourne 12 months ago was a magical moment but getting to that stage and level again will require a more aggressive approach which is what is lacking and hence why she has been inconsistent on the tour.

A real lack of aggression is costing her as at the moment this aggressive style of tennis is what is really making a difference on the tour.


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