Garbiñe defends Monterrey; now it’s time to build!

Title defended.

12 months ago Garbine Muguruza won in Monterrey. The win came at a time where she needed it following a difficult start to the season but it never gave her momentum that she needed. At that point the Spaniard was ranked at number three in the world but she has just defended her title and is still ranked as low as 19 in the world right now.

For me there was an expectancy on Garbine to defend this title and she performed really well across the week in Mexico to win her 7th career title and her first since this time last year but now we have to talk about building. 3/6

I don’t want to be sat here in 6 months time when the season is over and that be the highlight of her season again. She is a two time major champion but since Charleston last year she has won 3 and lost 6 meetings against top 20 ranked players.

She has 120 points to defend in Stuttgart, Rome and Madrid combined which is nothing and was a round one casualty in both Rome and Madrid but then went and made the semi-finals in Roland Garros but didn’t have to play a top 30 ranked player on route there.

It is a funny one, I watched Garbine in Birmingham last year and it was flat and finding that consistency is just a big problem for her. Even in Monterrey when she dominated matches we still saw that over-cooking of shots and as good as she was off the forehand it was wild at times.

I’m interested to see where we go from here. Of course celebrate the win, I’m not saying not to but I remember when she won this title last year it seemed like a relief for her. Garbine looked under pressure all week where as this week I felt she was more accepting of where she is with her game and I’m interested to see what she does on the clay and going into the grass court season.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 19.11.07

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