Andy Murray; Wimbledon singles ❌ doubles ✅ Jamie? ❌ Nick? 👀

Andy Murray has been quietly going out his business on a tennis court.

A couple of days ago he was pictured playing with a fan randomly in Hertfordshire but what else has been up to?

Andy wasn’t at Wimbledon for the opening of the Court 1 roof but brother Jamie was and Jamie has all but ruled out playing doubles with his brother at Wimbledon with himself being at the peak of his career and it would be unfair on Bruno Soares who is Jamie’s partner. This admission did get some surprise in social media but it makes perfect sense as Jamie said it would be odd to go and play with someone who hasn’t played competitively since the beginning of the year.

Nick Kyrgios has been in the headlines of late.

His chair throw of course grabbed the headlines but he’s taken himself away. I follow him on social media and I saw he was in London which raised questions as to why?

On Monday morning he did an Instagram live video where he was where? At Wimbledon, not Roland Garros. He talked about his love for the tournament before we saw Andy’s coach Jamie Delgado also on site.

Nick said on the video he got a message from Murray to be there for 12.

It turns outs the two practiced together on the green clay at Wimbledon.

Andy did speak to Stuart Fraser who I’d recommend you follow on Twitter @stu_fraser for all the breaking tennis news, there is no one better.

He told Stuart that it is basically unlikely he will play in singles this summer at Wimbledon but doubles is on the card.

He said there is much work to do before he goes back on the singles tour but doubles life is looking more likely for now but he hasn’t had any setbacks yet and is pain free.

With Jamie ruling himself out of doubles the question is who?

Nick Kyrgios is the first that comes to mind from an outside of British tennis perspective. These two are very good friends and Nick looks up to Andy and respects him very much and could be a big help in getting his career back on track.

Watch this space!

Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 09.46.23

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