ATP Cup – Stefanos Tsitsipas set to miss out following publication of rules…

Current world number six Stefanos Tsitsipas might have to find something else to do in January as it stands he and Greece cannot qualify for the inaugrual ATP Cup which qualifying for spots must be in place for September 13th.

There will be 6 wildcards given out nearer the time but the only one we can confirm is Australia at the moment, so why might we not see Tsitsipas?

Rules for the tournament state;

Teams must have 3 to 5 players in the squad

Teams must have 2 singles players with rankings on the ATP tour. 

Greece currently have only one ranked ATP Singles player on the tour and that is Tsitsipas. They do have Pervolarakis currently ranked at 663 on the doubles tour. So they need one more player.

The option if it is in the rules which hasn’t been clarified is if a country can dip into ITF ranking if they are given a wildcard.

Greece’s top 4 on the ITF Circuit right now is;

Pervolarakis – 148 (already on ATP doubles)
Skorilas – 753
Stergiou – 1100
Tsitsipas – 1459 (Petros)

This has left big questions.

Can we effectively justify missing out on the world number 6 at this big event and in years to come looks a big candidate for world number 1 because there aren’t enough ranked players so he’d miss out on these massive points and prize money on offer.

I fully expect a wildcard for Greece. It would then be interesting to see who makes up their team I imagine they will be allowed to use ITF rankings.

It is a bit confusing because the ATP themselves have released provisional rankings on who may qualify and in their promo video Tsitsipas is in it.

We will have to see! I will have more info on ATP Cup coming soon!

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 21.34.26

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