First on, first out! Kerber’s early exit isn’t a major surprise!

Angie Kerber is out.

Maybe I’m being harsh but despite semi-finals in Doha, finalist at Indian Wells and semi-finalist in Monterrey it has felt like a disappointing season.

I have felt like her tennis has been good up to a point and it just isn’t where it was last year and what we have seen before.

She is 9th on the race to Shenzhen but I just feel her is game is lacking some ruthlessness and that was evident today in Paris.

Potapova put on a good performance but there were no questions asked of her by Kerber.

Hardly any net play and no winners from the German number one. She only won 29 of 62 points on her serve and 25 returning points.

Is it a disaster? I don’t think so.

There is now time to go get ready for the grass early somewhere. We do have time before Wimbledon and that for me is where we can really judge Kerber at and is of course defending champion there!

Big congratulations to Potapova on a stunning performance against one of the tours most consistent Grand Slam players on the 18 year olds debut at Roland Garros.

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