Never in doubt. Serena recovers in style!

Down 2-6 and the errors flowing off the racket of the former world number one we looked like we could be in for another upset on Day 2 of Roland Garros.

Sometimes you just need some time to get going.

Serena was visibly disappointed with her tennis in the first set and was missing too many balls. A few shouts of COME ON and a scream at one point seemed to get her going through the gears as she really took her game to another level.

Diatchenko was strong from the baseline going for her shots but from winning the first set of no pressure suddenly the pressure ramps up and she just crumbled as Serena began to find her range.

After an hour we were level at one set a piece as Serena strolled to take the second set 6-1 and the errors turned into winners with Diatchenko going off for a bathroom break.

The level of tennis from the American in her 17th appearance at Roland Garros continued to grow and Diatchenko could not compete with the power and accuracy of the former world number one who served a breadstick and a bagel

Serena herself a few times looked towards her box as if to say where was this tennis in set one?

A special day for Serena in what was her 800th career win on the tour and super impressive how well she plays having not played for a while consistently, she is truly the greatest.


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