Heartbreaking but inspirational journey of Laslo Djere

Laslo Diere’ story to where he is now is an unknown one but a truly inspirational one.

Not long ago the Serb fought his way to his first ATP tour final which was an ATP500 event in Rio and he won it against Felix Auger-Aliassime and asked himself a question, what would my parents be thinking?

Laslo took up tennis at the age of five and on the weekends he and his father would travel across Serbia playing tournaments from a young age.

When he was just 15 he was hit with the news that his mum had been diagnosed with Colon Cancer and in 2012 past away.

His Dad was a big part of his tennis career from taking him to tournaments, sorting out flights, tournaments and guiding him through tough times, win or lose he’d look at his phone if he couldn’t be there and he’d always message with support.

His 2017 season ended with a defeat in the Paris Masters qualifying and that was the end of his season heading home to spend time with his sister and father.

Days later his life was thrown upside down again with the news his dad had Colon Cancer. Laslo said he had to be strong and be there for his family spending time with his dad showing love and support.

Sadly just over a year later in December 2018 his father passed away.

2 months later Laslo played his first ATP Final and won in Rio with a feeling of relief.

I dropped my racquet, covered my face, puffed out my chest. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I pointed to the sky, where my parents were watching.

“I want to dedicate this trophy to my parents. I lost my mom seven years ago so I want to dedicate this one to her,” I said, as the crowd showed me so much support. “And also to my dad, I lost him two months ago… My parents had the biggest impact on me, and because of them I am who I am today.”

Laszlo went onto say;

Good has come out of my struggle. I know my purpose in life. I have to play tennis and continue the work my family started with me 20 years ago.

I just have to continue my life. I miss my dad’s text messages after matches, and I miss my mom’s love and support. Life would be easier with them.

A truly inspirational story. What Laslo has gone through is heartbreaking and we could not imagine what his family has gone through. He is only 23 and his win in Rio shows us all during difficult times not to give up and he didn’t!

Quotes via ATP – https://www.atptour.com/en/news/laslo-djere-atp-my-point-lost-parents-have-hope

Please do have a read of the link to hear more of his background and journey to now.

Now, Laslo is into the second round of Roland Garros after appearing in the competition for the first time as a seed and was so impressive in his first round win.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 21.17.25

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