Roger v Casper, Grigor v Stan & Rafa v David

Roger Federer v Casper Ruud

Casper Ruud is a player I have been watching a lot of this year. His dad is a former tennis player and the man from Oslo who has done a lot of training at the Rafael Nadal academy  as well. Casper is currently playing some of his best tennis on the clay and now faces his biggest challenge to date in Roger Federer.

I’ll be honest, I was not convinced too much about Federer’s level against Otto from Germany in the previous round. He got the job done in straight sets against the German but I wasn’t blown away. Casper can cause some problems here, I see no reason why not. He is good at staying calm and that will be vital when these two meet. The forehand is the money maker shot once he can come inside the baseline and pull it off he will go for it.

I don’t see Roger contending here, I’ve said this since day one of the tournament but I do expect him to get to quarter finals at least but I really wouldn’t be totally surprised if anything happened here.

Grigor Dimitrov v Stan Wawrinka

Two former top 10 players, Stan is off course a former winner at Roland Garros and Dimitrov is a former world number three currently operating just inside the top 50 in the world. 

Grigor has impressed me this week, what has impressed me the most is his determination. The tennis at times has been good and at times it’s bad. His big comeback having led Tipsarevic by two sets and having to go to a 5th was big and so was his win over Cilic going down a set twice winning the 2nd, 4th and 5th against the Croat.

He needs to play better as in all honesty he won’t get away with it against Stan. Stan is yet to play on one of the main two courts which is a surprise for a former winner here only a couple of years ago and he has played at a very good level so far this week which is why I think if he starts well he will win this one. 

Grigor needs a good start as without it I don’t think he will be able to be allowed to produce a similar type of comeback. 

David Goffin v Rafael Nadal

We all have an expected favourite here and it is good to see David Goffin playing good tennis again after a torrid time with injuries and finding form again.

It still feels fresh in the mind when he had that ball in Paris in the tarpaulin at the back of the court but thankfully after that an the eye issue in Dubai he seems ok!

He is has played to a good level this week in Paris. Getting that sharpness back to compete a little higher isn’t there yet in all honesty, it is still missing.

I expect and I hope Rafa wins, I can’t see anything else happening but that I just hope that it is competitive and not a walk-over! 

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 20.17.52


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