Andy Murray set for tennis return in doubles with Feliciano Lopez!

Andy Murray is set to return to tennis.

The former major champion set his sights on this summer in Britain and it was announced that a wildcard in singles was being held back for him but we still have no news on that we do however have some other news.

The Brit is set to return at Queens but in doubles which is something Murray did hint at not long ago.

This brought a lot of speculation on who his partner will be.

Brother Jamie Murray pretty much ruled it out even before it was announced he and Bruno Soares would be splitting and with Jamie teaming up with fellow Brit Neal Skupski it is highly unlikely.

Obviously the usual British names are being played around as well and also Nick Kyrgios who Andy practiced with before Roland Garros at Wimbledon on the green clay there following Nick’s explosive exit from Rome.

Andy has been active on social media of late and posted a video of him serving on the grass courts at Wimbledon getting fans excited.

Rumours have circulated and it looks like his doubles partner for Queens at least will be Feliciano Lopez who at 37 years old is nearing the end of his career. He said in April he hasn’t thought about finishing but if he has a good year and has a good ranking to get him into majors he will play in 2020.

Feliciano is of course the new tournament director at Madrid and put on his first event this year which I was there for and it was a fantastic tournament.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves but say a doubles partnership past Queens for Murray and Feliciano could become something over the season and maybe next year.

Queens Club posted this statement on Twitter from Andy;

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 17.36.45

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