Amanda Anisimova takes out defending champion Simona Halep!


Amanda Anisimova has done it again!

The 17 year old is into her first Grand Slam semi-final and has yet to drop a set.

I won’t hide the fact that I would have loved Halep to win here for the second year running however the performance of the American teenager was simply insane.

Amanda played a clever game, on the Ad and Deuce side of the service box she really went into the corners with her serve. Against Halep this is quite a clever tactic especially going into the backhand as in rallies in can be a brutal shot but returning serve it usually does drop short and she picked some cheap shots off it.

Amanda does play quite a big game from the baseline whether it was a forehand or backhand I thought she hit them with such conviction no one would have stopped her today.

The issue with playing big at times is that it can catch up with you and she finished the match with 25 winners and 24 unforced errors and from 4-1 up in the second set things did start to go a little pear shaped for the teenager but she remained so strong saving six of the seven break points she faced.

Whatever does happen here from here on in it is just the beginning for the American.

Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.48.27


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