The fearless game of 17 year old Amanda Anisimova!

Amanda Anisimova’s game is a delight to watch.

At just the age of 17 the American has a pretty complete set of weapons at her disposal. Into her first Grand Slam semi-final we have seen the full arsenal from the teenager. The flat backhand, inside-out forehand, delicate drop shots all with added confidence helped her see off Simona Halep.

So let’s take a look…

I’m going to start at the end with the match point which ended up being the backhand down the line.

Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 17.34.14

Image Credit – Roland Garros / ITV

This girl doesn’t know pressure. Match point and she pulls off the backhand down the line winner. The balance is exceptional from the teenager as pulls it down the line with no response.

What stands out to me the most is the positioning of Simona Halep. She’s worried in that position.

Amanda is behind the baseline and still has the capability and options to pull down the line, down the middle or crosscourt and Halep standing there is pure appreciation and respect to what the American can do.

This time the forehand;

Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 17.32.39

Image Credit – Roland Garros / ITV

Respect from Halep again, she can’t commit and the issue when you play against a player comfortable going down the line and cross court is closing where to go. At this point it is too late for Halep to move over having seen Amanda pull the angle cross court so well she couldn’t leave it open.

Her shot placement is up there with some of the best.

Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 19.05.42

This is where she hit most of her winners pretty much painting the lines but also quite a few drop shots and a good serve to build from set up her nicely.

Amanda believes in what she is doing and it is working so well for her. She is only 17 and there is soo much ahead for her but she seems so fearless in the way she plays her tennis and her attitude as well.

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