Andy; Doubles at Queens, Eastbourne & Wimbledon, Different Partners? Singles after New York? & Peppa Pig

We aren’t far away from Andy Murray’s return to tennis.

Next week the Fever Tree Championships get going at Queens Club where Andy Murray will be teaming up with Feliciano Lopez.

The Brit was the first player on site and a lot of videos have been posted on social media of late of him practicing with his full team.

Murray has also given another interview saying he is confident and pain free.

We know Murray is playing at Queens with Lopez and the Brit also is set to play at Eastbourne and Wimbledon in the doubles.

We do not know who his partner will be for either tournament yet as Feliciano Lopez may not be able to play in Eastbourne as he might have to come through Wimbledon qualifying and the two clash.

It is understood that Murray could team up with someone else for Eastbourne and maybe Lopez for Wimbledon.

It hasn’t been spoken about much either but Murray potentially playing in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon is a potential plan as well and he is well loved on the WTA tour and I’d expect many would be happy to team up with him.

Singles talk has always been on the agenda as well for Murray when speaking and has said it is something to he hopes to be doing again depending on how things go after the US Open.

Away from tennis for a moment. Andy Murray a while ago said one of his daughters favourite TV programmes is Peppa Pig and it’s one of his favourites as well and this thread on social media from the last couple of days has been incredible! Please have a look!

Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 19.58.18

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