‘Hope’ – Juan Martin Del Potro hopes to fully recover but he doesn’t know if his last match was his last

Get well soon Del Po!

I didn’t know where to begin this piece. I’m sat on a train to Birmingham and I know what I want to write but putting it down is difficult.

Juan Martin Del Potro could have played the last match of his career.

The tour giant has had more than his fair share of battles in tennis. Injury has halted him from producing prolonged brilliance and prevented us from watching it.

Del Potro has had plenty of issues with his wrists as we know but last year he fractured his knee cap. He had surgery, recovered and returned with Queens being his fifth tournament of the year but a slip against Shapovalov in a match he won forced him to withdraw from the tournament and scans found he has done it again.

It’s heartbreaking, there isn’t any other words for it.

In a post he put on Instagram he said;

Hi everyone.

As you might already know I fractured my right patella once again.

After medical studies and talking to the doctors they said surgery was the best option.

I had asked them for the best option health-wise not just for tennis.

They said surgery, no doubt about it.

That will happen tomorrow in Barcelona.

As you imagine, this is a tough moment. 

It’s sad to go through this all once again.

I didn’t expect this at all.

But well, it will happen tomorrow.

I cannot say anything more than that, I do not know what will happen next.

Hopefully I will have a good recovery. I hope my knee can heal properly. 

If that match was the last one of my career, I don’t know.

During rehab I will be able to think clearly.

I will know what my body will be able to do.

I wanted to share the news about upcoming surgery and thank your for your support, for the strength you give me and the the love you share. I thank you from my heart. 

We know he has now had the surgery and I hope all does go well for him.

It is just cruel. Every time he comes he has fought and achieved a level many can dream of and I hope we see that again. 

Big love Del Po!

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