Paul Jubb’s incredible journey to his Wimbledon debut on Tuesday

At the age of just 19, Paul Jubb has been through a lot as he is about to embark on his Grand Slam debut.

Born in Hull and raised by his nan since a young age after losing both his parents the teenager received a wildcard from the Wimbledon committee for his great efforts on the tour.

Like some juniors looking to climb the rankings they have a lot of funding behind them but it has been anything but that for Paul who has been playing most of his tennis in the US in college tennis.

Towards the end of May Paul won the NCAA title which is one of the big titles in College Tennis in the USA which has been previously won by John McEnroe & Jimmy Connors, at the same age. Winning the title does usually give you a wildcard into the main draw at the US Open but you have to be American so he misses out on that.

He’s had no funding but has done it the tough way with the right people around him who believed in him and gave her what he needed to take the steps. Coming through Juniors can be tough and he has never been ranked higher than 384 on the junior rankings.

Paul has a career high ranking of 472 and this will rise about 40 places with a first round in Wimbledon to play but only made his move to Challenger Tennis from ITF events last month.

He lost in the first round of Surbiton to James Ward, second round of Illkey to Denis Novak and then the third round of Nottingham to Novak once again.

Paul did come through qualifying at Eastbourne and lost to Taylor Fritz in the first round of his first main draw match with Taylor going on to win his first title.

Paul’s coach has been a big influence on how he looks at the world and his situation;

“I did have a little stage when I was younger when I did get a little self-pity,” “But Jonny Carmichael has always ingrained it into my head that this is your situation and you can’t change it, so if you’re going to moan about it you’re not going to get anywhere.”

Paul looks up to Frances Tiafoe who he went with his college in South Carolina to the Australian Open and watched all his matches.

The two practiced together with Paul first finding Tiafoe on YouTube and loved his hunger and love for the game.

Frances Tiafoe who is top 40 on the tour has had to fight hard as well. He taught himself to play by hitting at a wall in a tennis centre in Maryland whilst his dad worked there.

On Tuesday, Paul will begin his Wimbledon against Joao Sousa from Portugal.

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