Challengers Defeated!

Stefanos Tsitsipas not long ago said it was ‘boring’ with the usual three winning all the majors.

So, the question was asked except for Djokovic, Nadal or Federer who is going to break through?

Two of the names at the top of that list are Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alex Zverev, both have gone home in round one.

Alex Zverev is the big mystery to me right now. Ivan Lendl is there and he isn’t, it’s a very weird set up I can’t get my head around. There is no time to work on anything and results this year have been bad. With respect, winning a 250 event in Madrid a few weeks ago doesn’t help things.

A set up against qualifier Jiri Vesely and it crumbled once again. I don’t really get it at the moment. He seems to creep behind the baseline but he can’t be as effective as others are there, it honestly makes no sense.

I feel like throughout the season we’ve been on repeat. Expectation, confusion and hope and were back at hope again because something needs to change before he heads off to the US for the hard-court swing. Will Lendl be there?

Stefanos Tsitsipas.

I’m sad. Expected a lot but on the grass I feel unconvinced in all honesty.

I love his game, I love what he does but it did slip from his grasp I felt today.

After saving those match points in the fourth set he came into the fifth like a bulldozer. He raced through his opening service game, saw some break points on the Fabbiano serve and then took his foot off the pedal.

Under pressure he is one of the best and this was a letdown today.

A concern or a blip? Easily a blip for the 20 year old.

I would have liked to have seen more of a challenge for the top three but it looks like it might have to come from elsewhere now…


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