The orchestrated brilliance of Ash Barty’s ”all court” game!

Ash Barty right now is the conductor of the most brilliant orchestra on court at the moment, her game.

No one has been as impressive as the Australian this year who has gone deep at many tournaments and has successfully won titles on all surfaces this year in Miami, Paris and Birmingham and now sights are set are on Wimbledon.

Her first performance as world number one against a potentially tricky opponent in Zheng but won 6-4 6-2 and we saw the full brilliance of the 23 year old.

The Forehand

This is easily her best shot in my opinion.

The motion & accuracy are the main aspects of it but the variation in net clearance and the speed of the shot makes it so interesting to watch and difficult to defend against.

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 10.54.08

Image Credit – BBC Sport / Wimbledon

If I’m the opponent here and I see Ash swivel to hit that forehand I’m scared. Once she steps inside the court and these courts have been quite slow she can relax the wrist and go for the forehand.

Zheng knows straight away where this is off to, you could say it is predictable. I don’t always like predictability in tennis but when you’re that good what’s wrong with it? The inside out forehand with that top-spin is a shot which is reachable for the opponent but what can you do with it?

If you have a two handed backhand, you could try up the line but because of the top-spin and it’s not a forehand from Ash sent at 120mph she will follow it in and kill the rally at the net.

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 10.53.34

Image Credit – BBC Sport / Wimbledon

A few seconds later, she’s unleashed the forehand and now the focus is on her body. The momentum from the swing has shifted in her body but the recovery is just super quick to follow it in to the net. It’s such a good shot from Barty, I’ve spoken about this cross court but she could easily go down the line as well!

The slice

Sliced return or sliced backhand it is such a good weapon.

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 10.46.54

Image Credit – BBC Sport / Wimbledon

One of the best sliced backhand performances I ever watched was Roberta Vinci against Serena Williams at the US Open a few years back.

Why is the sliced backhand so deadly? It gives you absolutely nothing to work with. Ash brings it in perfectly whether to return serve or in rallies.

What does it give you as the player using it?

  • Time
  • Options
  • Asks questions

I love the shot. It gives your opponent virtually nothing to work with. Drop it in within a metre of the baseline and your in luck.

The volley

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 10.47.18

Image Credit – BBC Sport / Wimbledon

Ash has played a lot of doubles with Dellacqua, Vandeweghe and at the moment Vika and this part of her game has become crucial.

The reading of situations to get herself to the net and be effective is super good. Some come to the net a little bit out of hope at times but with Ash it is an orchestrated approach, it isn’t just going to happen she will work for it.

15/17 points won at the net against Zheng, incredible numbers.

The backhand

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 11.37.27

Image Credit – BBC Sport / Wimbledon

Two handed backhand is by far my favourite shot in tennis. It is a shot which can have a lot of variety. When I use my backhand I’m most comfortable when it is at a comfortable heigh however Ash has such a good swing it does remind me at times of a cricket swing and she did play professional cricket during her break from tennis.

The term ‘all court game’ gets so overused in tennis but is the perfect example of an all court game and it will take some stopping!

If you want to read more on Ash’s story all the way to her win at Roland Garros then click on the link below;

Ash Barty; Tennis Hiatus 😭 Taking Up Cricket 🏏 Tennis Return 🎾 New York 🗽Melbourne 🇳🇿 Miami 🏆 Paris 🏆 Wimbledon Chances 💪🏻

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