Back from the brink, the fairytale continues!

Coco Gauff is into the second week of Wimbledon.

At 3-6 2-5 15-40 and facing two match points on the Polona Hercog serve the American was on her way out.

I was on my way out as well to meet some friends for some drinks and didn’t check my phone until gone half past 11 Friday night and the unthinkable happened.

This teenager is the real deal.

To save two match points is a strength of its own but to come back from a double break down and save more match points in an epic tie-breaker which she won 9-7 was out of the world!

The level of tennis just leaves you speechless!

Moving into a third set, this right now is unchartered territory for the 15 year old but I feel a bit of disbelief writing this.

The intensity is so new for her but the way she has dealt with it and the level of her hitting has been incredible.

I can’t sit here and say something in her game needs to be better because it has all come together. Movement, serve, net play, forehand and backhand it is all causing havoc and to have that strength to come from a set and a double break down and win a tight third set is remarkable.

Next up for the teenager is Simona Halep. As ever it will be a fearless approach for the American but the former world number one will be worried.

I’ve spoken during the first week about her level but Halep is going to have to make sure she brings her a-game. Coco’s hard hitting from the baseline will ask questions of the Halep defence and the question is how long can this run go for?

I see no reason why it can’t continue!

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 13.38.53


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