Garbine Muguruza and Sam Suymk split!

Muguruza and Suymk’s partnership has come to an end.

This is now a time to push on for the former world number one and two time Grand Slam champion who achieved all three feats under Sam’s guidance but time for change to be honest has been needed for some time.

Last year when Garbine won in Monterrey I said it can’t be the highlight of her year, it was. She won there again this year and is in serious risk of it being the same again.

No.24 in the race to Shenzhen and currently in the live rankings down at 28 in the world.

The on-court coaching has been a problem and to be honest it is a bit of a relief it’s come to an end;



Things just always seem quite heated between the two with some of the language on a few occasions not broadcastable.

Interesting to see where she goes from here. Her tennis hasn’t been great for some time now and it will be a challenge to strive back up those rankings and she might need to alter her game slightly to compete with those who have risen to the top since she won her last major.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 19.11.07

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