Nick Kyrgios; Can beat the best โœ… Talent to be one of the best โœ… Acceptable conduct? โŒ How much does he want it? ๐Ÿค”

I like Nick Kyrgios a lot. I like his game, I think he has a great personality but there is a line and it’s being overstepped.

We’ve seen him defeat Novak, Roger, Rafa, Andy, Sascha, Cilic, Wawrinka and many more top players and he knows he gets bums on seats but with that comes responsibility.

He knows that and if you don’t want it then there is only one thing to do, take yourself out of the limelight.

It actually does make me sad to write this as I do really like him. I’ve stood up for him multiple times, even had a disagreement with Boris Becker and his followers on Twitter which was fun!

Some of what Nick has done on court has bene totally unacceptable and behaviour you cannot condone. Wawrinka ‘spat’ in Canada, repetitive bad language, chair throw in Rome and hitting Nadal on purpose at Wimbledon are just a few of the situations he’s created.

With the limelight comes the responsibility and whether you like it or not it comes with that responsibility of correct behaviour as a standard.

Nick said after his match against Nadal in his press;

“For me, it’s (Tennis) not so important”

If it isn’t important, you can’t control your behaviour then walk away from tennis?

Nick has the ability to play lights out tennis. At times watching him play is like being hypnotised, you cannot take your eyes off it.

Earlier in the year his level in Acapulco was one of my standout moments of the year. The way he strolled past Nadal, Isner and Zverev was incredible. His level against Nadal at Wimbledon was likewise fantastic and coming from a player who admits he doesn’t have a coach, doesn’t train much or go to the gym is quite a scary level to be at against some of the best.

I do think Nick does get a bit of an unfair ride by journalists as well, I feel like some just turn up to his matches hoping for some controversy. For example at Queens Club one continued to tweet about Nick but nothing about the tennis. He blew his nose in a towel, hit a ball out of the crowd, moaned at the umpire etc… Didn’t mention however that he (Nick) overruled a line call from the line judge on serve which was in but had no Hawkeye and gave Felix the point.

Do the ATP/ITF now have a responsibility? Nick is a great watch but also could they do something to help? I don’t see the progress for Nick or the tour where he turns up and get’s fined at tournaments. Of course there are ‘code of conduct’ type rules and regulations and you get fined if you don’t follow them but should there be some guidance or participation standard in place to stop it happening time and time again and take players out of this situation.

Nick also does good work via his charity, the NK Foundation. “Giving dreams the sporting chance.” On the site it says;

“NK Foundation endeavours to create a safe place where underprivileged youth can frequent to play the sport they dream about and take shelter if needed. Our facility will have tennis courts, basketball courts, a pool, a gym and dorms that will provide refuge to children that donโ€™t have access to play the sport they desire”

I think it’s fantastic the work he does, it’s a shame he doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Unfortunately we live in a world where good news comes second behind bad news.

It also says on his website;

“We live a very special life and are very lucky, I just love to compete and go out there and have fun and that’s why I play. My parents worked hard and fought to help me get where I am.”

What happens next?

It’s up to Nick!

We know he can beat the best
We know he doesn’t see tennis as ‘important’
We know he doesn’t train as hard as he should
We know were going to get controversy

& we know where the line is and it has been overstepped at times.

All I can say is I like him & his personality. The behaviour does need to be better. I would like to see him train more and take more matches as serious as he does against the best because he is a super talent.

Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 11.53.07



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