Even if No.24 doesn’t happen, Serena is still the greatest!

No. 24 is the target and the target still hasn’t been reached but whether she does or not for many she will still be the greatest.

Many are saying Serena won’t get there but can we just move away for a moment from ‘winning’ No.24 and remember since giving birth where she could have lost her life following complications she has fought to make things better for women and returning mothers.

She came back to Wimbledon last year having left as winner in 2016 without a seed in 2018 but fought to get the changed and was seeded for the championships.

To think since returning from giving birth she has got herself to a comfortable top 20 ranking and to three major finals even with all the injury problems she has had now that’s remarkable.

Being ‘The Greatest” isn’t just about how many majors you have won but what you have done for the sport. People bang on about her matching Margaret Courts record of 24 well Serena has done more for tennis, women in tennis and equality in sport in my eyes which makes her the greatest.

Wimbledon was the first time since Melbourne where Serena looked healthy and her run was mad considering the lack of tennis she has played.

What is now needed going forward is some game time. I’m interested to see what happens next.

I can’t see her slowing down anytime soon but the target will now be New York and we know noise will grow as it gets closer following what happened last year.

For me, no matter what happens from here on in she is the greatest. It shouldn’t be seen as a failure that she hasn’t won a major since returning but three finals is something most can only dream of.

Serena has made the impossible possible and will continue to be an incredible pioneer for tennis and women in sport!

Screenshot 2019-07-13 at 19.01.56

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