Federer & Djokovic through in four as the two Spaniards fall!

Not a good day for Spanish players at Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal and Roberto Bautista Agut have gone home where as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have once more advanced to a Wimbledon final.

Bautista Agut who of course missed his own stag do but his friends did travel from Ibiza to London for his match against Djokovic fell in the first match of the day in four sets.

Djokovic got off to a good start, slipped up in the second but Bautista Agut even though in the third and fourth was under relentless pressure from the world number one he held his own.

The scoreline despite the second set did look quite one-sided but Agut really gave as good as he got.

I feel like were waiting for Novak to peak, we haven’t seen it yet.

Nadal v Federer was pretty underwhelming in all honesty.

It took a while to really get going with 12 holds of serve but little impression made on the others serve. The tie-break is where Roger stood it up he slipped in the second but then it was pretty straight forward.

There were long rallies but nothing really worked for Rafa in the semi-final.

It is something I will look at but I was expecting more of a contest.

Screenshot 2019-07-13 at 10.22.41

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