Ask the same question 50 different ways but singles before or at the US Open isn’t happening for Andy Murray!

One of my highlights of Wimbledon was the joint press conferences of Andy Murray and Serena Williams who fair play kept a straight face most of the time despite the repetitive questioning.

Andy took the same question about 50 different ways about playing singles and it gave Serena a laugh.

Despite already saying he won’t be playing singles before the US Open or at the US Open the next question was;

“Do you plan to try and play singles in the American swing even if the US Open is too soon but the smaller tournaments best of three sets is that your intention?”

(Baring in mind he already said no and would plan with his team as there is a lot of work to do before he can do singles)

Serena smirked as did Andy and he said;

“No, right now it’s not.” Doubles? I don’t know, I want to try and prepare to get ready for singles. If I’m able to train the way I hope off the court and maintain performances in doubles then I’d be happy with that”

It went on again during their next presser…

Serena made a good joke of it.

They were asked what do you make of the questions you two have been asked and how are they different?

Serena went for it…

“Well Andy gets asked every question about his body and the US Open, literally every question in a different way but its the same question (both laugh). 

Serena turns to Andy;

S – “How’s your body?”

A – “It feels good, thanks”

S – “Are you going to be able to play New York?”

A – “Well I dunno, I need to train and get stronger and you know well see after that”

I think it is fair to say, paint up the question how you like but the fundamentals are still the same.

Andy still have plenty of off court work to do before he will even go to singles. There is no point during up to some pre US Open events and just hoping to hit your way through. Andy will want to return to a level where he can compete.

Still he get’s asked about the US Open where it is of course best of five sets but he is not involved at all in the entrants draw and it just won’t happen.

Will doubles happen? I’m not sure. Ideally if he were to do doubles it would happen in Cincinnati and Montreal. With it being a Masters 1000 event I don’t think getting a wildcard and finding a top partner will be a problem.

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 09.18.33

Image Credit – Wimbledon

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