Novak Djokovic; taking genius to a new level!

No one has dominated men’s tennis quite like Novak Djokovic has.

Of course Rafael Nadal’s twelve Roland Garros titles and domination on the clay is impressive as is Roger’s record on grass is very good winning Wimbledon eight times, five of them in a row. He also of course remember won five US Open titles in a row.

However, no one has dominated on a whole picture more than Novak Djokovic.

Everyone has their favourites, I appreciate all three but if you were to take off the rose tinted glasses Novak does stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The current Grand Slam title count is;

Federer – 20
Nadal – 18
Djokovic – 16

Ok, he’s bottom of the pile but have a bigger look.

Novak has won four of the last five majors and since 2011 has one year where he hasn’t won a major title. He has won 33 of his last 34 Grand Slam matches and last year jumped from 22 in the rankings to No.1 in 4 months!

Since the beginning of 2014 he has picked up 17 Masters 1000 titles.

The current Masters 1000 title count is;

Nadal – 34
Djokovic – 33
Federer – 28

I do think Novak will be at the top one day. He should you’d expect hit 900 career wins by the end of the year and he only turned 32 a couple of months back. For someone who is just 32 the numbers are mad. What he has achieved is just incredible and he will take some stopping.

The numbers are genius and the performances are on another level to anyone else. People will say he’s arrogant but if you had majority of the crowd supporting your opponent, applauding your mistakes but you win, you would be ‘arrogant’ too!

I don’t think it’s arrogance, it’s real. He is that good he will take some shifting going forward. Even before a ball has been hit in New York he will be the big favourite.

The way he dealt with everything during that Wimbledon final; the crowd, atmosphere, down match points and the whole feeling of the match was something incredibly special and unmatched genius!

Image Credit – Wimbledon





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