Low on confidence & a rift in the camp! Is playing Hamburg the right decision?

For the first time since 2016 Sascha Zverev (Germany’s number one) is returning to Hamburg to play on the clay next week.

I remember after Rome he headed to Geneva and I was surprised ahead of Roland Garros but it felt like a fight for some confidence. He won the title there but that also came with a price in my opinion as there was no time before Roland Garros to work on things.

The plan would have been to head to Paris a week early as many top players do and work on their game on site. Ivan Lendl was due to be there but that training week didn’t happen. Sascha got to the quarter finals in Paris but there was no surprise in store for us.

It followed with two wins and three loses on the grass for Sascha losing to Vesely, Dustin Brown and Goffin who played much better.

Sascha has said he is low on confidence and there have been some off-court issues still being solved in his personal life.

Now, the German No.1 is set to play in Hamburg but is it the right decision?

For me, no. The plan now has to be being as good and as ready for the hard court swing as possible.

Sascha usually heads to Washington but that looks off the cards as he said that new tournament director doesn’t like him.

He will then have around a week off before Montreal and the week after that Cincinnati but I think a longer training block would have been ideal.

Training has been a bit of an issue and there maybe seems to be a rift in the Lendl/Zverev camp.

Ivan Lendl is there all the time due to family commitments and other tennis work but he was due to be there before Paris but wasn’t needed until the beginning to the tournament and Sascha in his press has taken a slight swipe at the former major winner;

“Sometimes we go on the practice court. The training is over two hours”

“And for half an hour he stands with his back to me and tells me about his round of golf”

Interesting to see what happens next, I can’t imagine Ivan Lendl being too happy about this.

For me, it’s a bit of give and take. Sascha has complained about lack of time on the practice court but the chance was there before Roland Garros, he didn’t take it instead he went to Geneva. Right now is a clay court tournament ( I know it’s at home) the right path going forward? I don’t think so. This week could be a practice week over in the states easily.

Interesting to see where it goes from here. To be honest I’d be surprised if this is still a coaching partnership come the end of the season.

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 20.52.58

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