US Open announce record prize money of over $57 million for 2019 but at what cost?

Bigger and better than ever before but at what price?

The US Open have announced their prize money for this years championships which is a very big 8% increase on last year with over $57 million set to be given out at Flushing Meadows.

So, the breakdown for singles;

Winner $3,850,000
Runner-Up 1,900,000
Semifinalists 960,000
Quarterfinalists 500,000
Round of 16 280,000
Round of 32 163,000
Round of 64 100,000
Round of 128 58,000

What a prize chest almost four million US dollars for winning the title and 58,000 for a round one exit. People will say there can be too much money in sport but to be honest and in reality that round one exit prize money can do absolute wonders for someone ranked outside top 120 who might come through qualifying! It’s not all about money but it means soo much to get here!

Doubles breakdown is;

Winner $740,000
Runner-Up 370,000
Semifinalists 175,000
Quarterfinalists 91,000
Round of 16 50,000
Round of 32 30,000
Round of 64 17,000

The rest of the prize money is;

Winner $160,000
Runner-Up 76,000
Semifinalists 38,000
Quarterfinalists 19,975
Round of 16 11,400
Round of 32 5,900
Total $577,500
Third Round $32,000
Second Round 18,000
First Round 11,000

There is also a 1.65 million US dollars for ‘other events’ and the US Open will become the first Grand Slam tournament to give the ATP and WTA money giving out 1,000,000 US dollars to both tours.

How is this possible? Part of it is the hike in ticket prices.

Ladies semi-finals at the Australian Open in January with a good seat about 20 rows from the front cost me 190 AUD which in US dollars is 133.

How much in New York for Ladies semi-finals? Over $1250… even if you go back to the second tier you are still talking $242 and up in the gods where you need binoculars you are talking $60-90.

Random day pick… Wednesday 28th night session on Arthur Ashe seeing 2 matches after 7pm costs (not sitting up in the gods) between $150-$800 and one of the front 25/30 rows seat in the bottom tier is $380-1600 for a single ticket. Madness.

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 22.24.32


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