More Mixed Doubles on tour would be great but the calendar is so full it wouldn’t work!

Serena Williams and Andy Murray teaming up for mixed doubles at Wimbledon caught worldwide attention.

Come the end of their run the question was asked could there be more mixed doubles on tour? It would be great to see but it just isn’t feasible.

The tour is super packed from end of December to the following mid-November every year leaving just a four to five week gap from tennis.

You could argue there is a possibility tournaments could add it? The issue is time. Saturday and Sunday qualifying. Monday/Tues R1 matches, usually the top seeds if they get a bye don’t play until Wednesday so then to ask them to potentially played mixed at a joint event is a hefty schedule, tournaments would then have to offer a new prize money to.

There aren’t too many joint tournaments and time just doesn’t allow it. When you look at the calendar the only tournaments outside the majors where there would be time is Indian Wells and Miami which are two week events.

Where do we have mixed currently? We only have it at the four majors Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. Of course there is Hopman Cup but the future of that looks done after Tennis Australia teamed up with ATP for the ATP Cup and need Perth as a host.

However in 2020 we will have an extra tournament with of course the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Mixed doubles is part of the schedule there along with men’s and women’s singles and doubles.

More would be great but as fans you would want to see some of the best play it. The issue why we also don’t see the top players play mixed as well is it can interfere with their singles campaign and usually have to play four/five days running as well.


Image credit – Wimbledon

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