Ivan Lendl & Alex Zverev is unsurprisingly over but could this be back on the cards?

Ivan Lendl has ended his partnership with Sascha Zverev, the decision has been made during Sascha’s time in Hamburg which even he has described the timing as surprising but wishes him well has respect for the 10 months they worked well together.

Lendl did say about the split which he instigated;

“I think that one day he may become a great player, but currently he has some off-court issues that make it difficult to work in a way that is consistent with my philosophy,” 

This is something that has stirred it up. It was just a week ago Zverev said in press that Lendl only did short practices and would talk about golf. The German said he wanted more from the former number one who pretty unsurprisingly has ended the partnership.

They have been off court issues with Zverev’s personal life and former agent by all sounds of it but we haven’t seen much of the two prior to tournaments.

The perfect example was Roland Garros, week before most top 10 players take the week off, arrive on site and practice. This was the plan and I believe Lendl was due on site but Zverev spent the week at a 250 event so no time to do much.

Obviously this is all quite fresh but rumour has it Boris Becker might be interested in an advisory role.

As ever rumours do circulate and one you expect to make some noise is that of a Lendl and Murray reunion. Murray has his team behind him led by Jamie Delgado however it has worked before with Lendl working with the team behind the scenes and only at certain tournaments.

Obviously this is way too early as Murray hasn’t played singles yet and won’t before New York. When he does there will be many questions he and his team will look to answer on the court before a stride back to where he wants to be.

People surprisingly have questioned Lendl’s focus in all of this to which he basically said; look at what I’ve achieved!

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