Andy Murray; Washington with Jamie πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Montreal with Feliciano πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Singles in Cincinnati πŸ€” New York? πŸ—½

Andy Murray is in Washington this week playing doubles for the first time in many years on the ATP tour with brother Jamie and has been speaking about what happens next.

As expected doubles in Montreal is happening and it will be with Feliciano Lopez as many expected with Jamie, Pierre and Marcelo already coupled up.

Murray and LΓ³pez of course teamed up together for the first time at Queens Club a couple of months back and won the doubles there with Feli also picking up the singles title to.

Andy who said at Wimbledon that he is not ready for singles and has work to do has hinted at playing singles in Cincinnati in a couple of weeks time.

He has spoken that the part of his game that is lacking is his cardio at the moment but is something that will build up on the practice and match court and match rhythm will only come with playing matches.

The potential of playing Cincinnati led to the next question… New York?

Possibly but I would say unlikely. Andy has basically said if he doesn’t play Cincinnati singles then he will not play New York singles as his first tournament which is best of five.

Even if Andy does to Cincinnati I will still be surprised to see if he does play New York to. It is quite a step up to go from first tournament in over a year to then a major. The question will be what does Andy want out of it? Compete or to gain fitness/practice if it is the latter then you’d imagine he be there.

If it doesn’t happen in singles then I do expect doubles to happen with Feliciano Lopez but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

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