Nick Kyrgios has always been good for tennis and why I hope we see more of his mesmerising brilliance

Nick Kyrgios’ week in Washington was exceptional. I’m writing this piece on a flight from Orlando to London and is something I really wanted to write following Nick’s week in Washington.

I’ve always loved watching Nick play and what he brings to the court. Some reading this will think I’m condemning some of his bad behaviour on court, I’m not at all and some has been out of order but I’m looking past that.

On Wednesday 31st I got in a little early than expected due to a thunderstorm, turned on my iPad and Nick was playing! As ever it brought a smile to my face, his tennis is mesmerising to watch.

He filled Washington. Say what you like about Nick Kyrgios but he gets bums on seats, he fills stadiums.

He gets a lot of bad press as he doesn’t go about things as others do but he’s doing it his way.

Two ATP 500 titles this year in Acapulco and Washington and a top 10 win/loss record of 5-1 for the year. I hate it when people say ‘oh, he could have achieved more’ well we could say that about everyone one of us in life.

Is Nick good for tennis? Of course. His entertainment is backed up by his brilliance. If he was entertaining and rubbish it be a waste of time but he’s good! Obviously there have been issues at times on court but aside that I feel like he is more in touch with younger people and is more laid back which isn’t a bad thing at all. 

Just look at some of his highlights from Washington!

Nick has said before he hasn’t had a coach, trained or gone to the gym enough by his own admission but he’s doing things his way and if anything I find him refreshing and more in touch with people. 

We know the fantastic tennis is there and he’s beaten the best. His great tennis from Washington could fill a box set.

I said previously he gets a bad press and sadly they don’t focus on the positives. At Queens against Felix Auger Aliassime a serve of the Canadians was called out, there is no Hawkeye on outside courts. Kyrgios overruled and told umpire it was in giving Felix the point. Good sportsmanship, instead one journalist continued to tweet not about the match but that Nick blew his nose in a towel.

Where is the good press? Nick has his own foundation which helps gets kids involved in sport which he spends a lot of time with. Before his Washington final he decided to play ping pong with kids there, giving back! Some managed to put a negative spin on it saying he should be practicing but he won! 

I loved his speech post match after winning in Washington. He said he had fun and did things his way and I’m pleased it worked for him.

“The ball kids, you guys are amazing. I know I give you grief a little bit but I love you”

“This has honestly been one of my favourite weeks of my life to be honest. I’ve made massive strides. I started becoming friends with the smoothie guy who knew what smoothie I wanted and I was playing ping pong with kids before matches”

What next for Nick? Well he did go out to Kyle Edmund in Montreal but you can’t win them all! I’d love to see this mixed focus and entertainment on the tour from him and I’m excited for what the rest of the season brings. 

I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter either way I just love watching him play.


Image Credit – ATP

3 thoughts on “Nick Kyrgios has always been good for tennis and why I hope we see more of his mesmerising brilliance

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  1. Haha I wish I read this one first before your other one! I couldn’t agree with you more, but as we have seen this week, his career continues to change rapidly, it’s hard to keep up with!

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